Kate Steenhauer

I am a visual artist whose practice explores the dynamic and interactive capacity of drawing in dialogue with other artforms, technology, and their relationship with its audience. This moves visual art as a traditionally static experience into a dynamic interactive artform that is temporal, transient, and transformational. I work collaboratively with dance, opera, music, sound, multi-voiced verbatim and Artificial Intelligence. These multi-disciplinary productions can be viewed through the mediums of theatre, film, (live) audio-visual installation and artwork; and offer a unique multifaceted experience. In parallel I have a multi-award-winning portfolio capturing contemporary life at some of Scotland’s most iconic industries, using printmaking and oil painting techniques. I have had behind-the-scenes access at Speyside Cooperage, stood on helicopters at Aberdeen Heliport, captured life at Shipyards of Aberdeen, Knockando Woolmill and Thainstone Mart. I am passionate about real life stories and find it meaningful and inspiring to engage with fellow creatives, general public, and audiences. My hands-on and all-round creative practice offers distinctive and comprehensive bodies of work that come with behind-the-scenes clips, interviews, and documentaries, and that can be tailored to suit any medium within any gallery environment, indoor and outdoor public space, and (non-)traditional theatre.

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