Luke Pell

Fascinated by detail, nuances of time, texture, memory and landscape Luke Pell is an artist living in Scotland who makes work across forms, through conversation with people and place. Imagining alternative contexts for performance, participation and discourse that might reveal wisdoms for living. Working with words and/as movements to draw together seemingly unrelated constellations of bodies and thought their practice takes form as intimate encounters: poetic objects, installations, performance/writing and designed environments – choreographies in print and in person.

Deliberately collaborative, deeply dyspraxic, unashamedly gentle and quietly queer Luke’s work has been presented throughout the UK and internationally including: Bloomsbury Festival; Cruising for Art at Anti- Festival Finland and In Between Time Bristol; Edinburgh International Book Festival; Dance International Glasgow at Tramway; Take Me Somewhere Glasgow; Dansens Hus Stockholm; E-Motional Romania; LeithLate Edinburgh; Light Moves Ireland; Luminate Festival Scotland; Unlimited Festival Southbank Centre; StAnza International Poetry Festival and I’m With You for Room of Requirement Berlin. Luke also performed for Rosemary Lee, Janice Parker, DIVE Queer Party, Naked Boys Reading and more recently as a guest writer in James Ley’s Love Song for Lavender Menace at The Lyceum, Edinburgh and with Oasissy at Queer Theory, Glasgow and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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