Self-portrait of Alasdair, standing on a beach at sunset holding a vintage TLR camera. Photos shot on 35mm film with Lomo LCA camera.

Alasdair Watson

Photography is my connection to communities, our shared histories, and our shared places. I work in analogue and digital mediums, and seek to create stories of how people connect with each other, and with our surroundings.
My client work is varied, from working with third sector and community groups, to collaborating with other artists and musicians. Wherever I can help create something positive (or fun), I apply my passion for visual storytelling.
My personal practice is similarly rooted in community and how we leave our footprints on the world around us. Traveling Scotland with analogue cameras, I connect with the people I meet, and seek to retell the stories left by those who came before us. Through this ritual of travel, connection, and creation I try to bind the ancient and modern stories of communities past and present with my own experience of belonging, purpose, and responsibility.
As well as photography, I try to follow the creative impulse whenever it speaks to me – I also write in both English & Scots, create audio and music soundscapes, and draw/paint/sculpt at any opportunity.

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