Amanda Lynch standing in the far right of the image with dark shoulder-length hair, glasses, black sweatshirt with white band. Behind figure and to the left are art works, Money money money mixed media work, pay day skint day mixed media art work. Mirror propped on wall bottom left, with cement cast of feet at the bottom

Amanda Lynch

I’m a neurodivergent artist, researcher and curator. I am a white female in my 30s, dark greying hair normally always in a ponytail. I wear glasses as well. I am also someone with a hidden disability.

I studied at De Montfort University fine arts BA and loved it so much after a year off I went back to do my Arts Masters. Specialising in sculpture and feminist art histories within Western Media. My arts practice has taken a shift since 2019 going from large sculptural works to collage and smaller works on paper. I have been working remotely since that time and have delved into the world of disability arts research.

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