Image shows a woman from the back, standing near a shelf full of plants, and wearing a large white, textured woolen shawl.

Gaelle Chassery

I improvise unique heirloom throws and shawls made with pure Scottish wool. My medium is crochet, and each creation is a one-off offering complete relaxation and soothing reassurance. I create in an intuitive free-flowing process which I call “yarn improvisation.” My designs seek to pay tribute to the landscape and topography of the land that grew the wool I use for each piece. Total field-to-home transparency and a desire to be mindful in the materials and techniques I use and in the way that I create define the beneficial luxury of my creations. As a neurodivergent artist living with long-term illness, making is a beautiful way to shine my potential beyond practical limitations and to find a way to express my unique way to perceive the world and how I wish to show up in it.

I am also a poet and writer of blogs and articles about wool, mindful creativity, mental health, living mindfully and reconnecting to ourselves and to nature.

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