A photo of an A3 risoprinted poster, printed on white paper. In the centre of the poster is a hand written large block text in black which reads ‘No One Way Works’. This quote is continued turning around the outside edges of the page, reading ‘It will take all of us shoving at the thing from all sides to bring it down - Diane di Prima.’ Around the central text is a border of 16 illustrations, which have a thin black outline, and are shaded in three shades of bright red. The illustrations are of: a razer blade; a bunch of Rosemary; a vial (like you would use for Oestrogen); a knotted rope; a pair of scissors; a crowbar; a wheatpaste brush; a balaclava; three round pills with smiley faces on; a spray paint can; a needle; a packet of prescription medications; bolt cutters; a lighter; a dildo; and a brick. The poster is on a poster display board in the CCA, glasgow - the wall, an interior window, and the yellow banner of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival are out of focus in the background.

Lilith (Lea) Cooper

Lilith (Lea, as in sea) Cooper is a zine maker, comics artist, printmaker, facilitator and DIY cultural organiser. Much of their work explores their experiences of madness, neurodivergence and in mental health services, and connects to archives, memory, activism, and the genre of ‘lived experience’ as it is invited into research, policy, participatory arts and medical pedagogy.

In 2017 they co-founded Edinburgh Zine Library, a DIY collection of contemporary zines. They have been part of the organising team behind the annual Edinburgh Zine Festival since it began in 2021. They are in their final year of a creative practice-based PhD, a Collaborative Doctoral Award between University of Kent and Wellcome Collection, exploring some of Wellcome’s 1000+ zines. They write and talk about zines, particularly those around health, illness, disability and madness, for diverse audiences. They are particularly interested in zine making as a practice research method and the ethics of zine research.

Their day job involves co-ordinating a peer support network and lived experience facilitation. They are also a keen cycle tourer, and one half of the duo behind Gears for Queers, a memoir of their first cycle tour published by Sandstone Press in June 2020. They are based in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

Photo credit: Ingrid Mur.

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