A mixed media painting of a tree with a bronze trunk and teal and bronze leaves on a white and teal layered background

Aileen Paterson

I am a multi-passionate autistic creative with a love of words and nature. I enjoy finding ways to combine words and art, nature writing, illustrated poetry, and experimenting with different art forms. I live by and am drawn to the water, and am somewhat obsessed with trees.

Being late diagnosed autistic is not without its challenges and my creative practice is essential for my mental health, as well as expressive of the challenges I face and the ways in which nature heals. Through my work, I hope to encourage others to value and connect to the natural world and to find shared healing through storytelling and creative expression.

I am also passionate about helping others – both autistic and non-autistic- to develop a better understanding of autism and neurodiversity so that together we can create a fairer world.

My writing has been published in various anthologies and I have also been shortlisted twice for the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival Writing Award.

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