A watercolour and mixed media painting. A figure wreathed in floral shapes poses with closed eyes against a dark sky. Blue ink patterns decorate their skin.

Ailsa Turner-Gibb

Art has always been more of an impulse than a choice for me. It’s not ‘will I create?’ but ‘will I be able to direct my creative energy in a way that is fulfilling or will I be directionless and let it become frustrating?’
Painting and walking through nature are my two havens, occupying enough of my brain and physical energy to let my mind rest and reflect. I walk in the trees to let the ideas percolate and then return to desk to pour them in paint. A perfect painting session is detailed and demanding enough to occupy me, the perfect materials are a sensory delight that give me control but are also powerful on their own.

I enjoy the technicalities of paint, the characteristics of different pigments, the way different combinations of colours granulate and separate with each other and when over and under other mediums. The process of painting is just as important to me as the final piece.

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