A man's face with layers of a building behind and differently coloured filters over.

AinsleyPhillips Projects

We are artist Emma Ainsley and musician John Phillips. In 2018 we formed AinsleyPhillips Projects as part of our long-standing collaborative practice, to deliver participatory projects into care and community settings. Emma is concept and pattern, John is improvisation.
We are both neuro-divergent creatives. Our work focuses on a shared co-creative exploration of embodied experience, seeking meaningful connection and communication through creative improvisation. We’re excited to explore the interface between art and music – the concept, the idea, the sensory experience.
In our projects, we work with small groups of folk. Our process is open, improvisatory, chaotic and loving. We jam with acoustic and digital instruments, drawing, collage, movement, objects, found images and video. Sometimes we make pieces through the projects – videos, sound works, interactive installations – and sometimes we just focus on the shared experience of jamming together in the moment.
We’re late identified ND folk and we’re keen to overtly explore how our process is informed and formed by our neurodivergent selves.

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