Black and red illustrative graphic design based on the tam o shanta poem, the art features a hoard of witch’s chasing a horse over a bridge with the text “so maggie runs,the witch’s follow, wi’mony an eldrich skreech and hollow!”

Dani Kerr

Creation is the language of humanity and it’s my native one too.

I am a queer autistic artist Based in and around Glasgow.

my art features a large variety of art mediums. Illustration, graphic design, digital art, print making, crafts and well you get the picture I’m a-bit of a jack of all trades.

I currently run the “DemonicEros” Etsy store where I often sell stickers, prints, earrings and apparel based on art works inspired by the occult, pop culture and good ole fashioned Scottish humour.

Chronically enthusiastic I love making cool art for even cooler people and hope you enjoy anything you see from me today and in the future!! :3

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