An image still from a short film combining live-action and animation. Two animated characters are standing in front of each other. One is a human-size sunflower, another a rabbit creature. A photographic image of Pentland hills in the background.

Dominika Jackowska

I am a Polish, Edinburgh based workshop facilitator, Animator and Motion Designer. Specialising in traditional stop-motion and 2D hand-drawn animation, I have worked on a diverse range of projects. These projects have included motion design, projections, story lead short animations, music lead projects, animation work for digital theatre performance and short films.

I have experience of working with projects combining film and animation. Currently, I’m working on a live-action and animation music video alongside my own short film “Away from Home”, which is a combination of 2D hand-drawn animation over film footage.

Being an animator I am intrigued by the possibilities and use of animation in new and innovative ways.

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