Image shows abstract shape in black ink with multiple fine marks interrupting the surface and large sections of white paper left blank.

Emma Whigham

I’m a visual artist working in various mediums. Currently, I’m using printmaking and collage; both processes captivate me and provide a rich and varied scope to explore recurring themes in my work.

I often focus on the process of art making with a particular interest in repetition and a curiosity in composing order, often seeking to express, and harmonise, randomness and control; perhaps in an attempt to mirror these inherent juxtapositions in my life.

My practice also involves art facilitation; most recently I have been working with organisations in the Borders to deliver art making workshops with mental health and wellbeing at their core.

Questions surrounding the interactive experience of making art and the emotional landscapes it navigates, fuels my work and I find myself entering a new phase of understanding. After a recent ND diagnosis I’m beginning to reconsider my artistic approach and the profound ways of being that underpin my work and experiences.

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