Image of eco-printed fabric pincushion with hand stitched map and copper foil compass rose embellishment within a zinc and glass box. Sitting on a wooden table with another box behind it with a different pincushion inside. Marram grass plants growing through the table surface.

Fiona Percy

I am a visual, mixed media, textile storyteller. My methodology cycles through continual creative loops, I gather, create, destroy, and repeat.
I explore the impact we have on each other through the stories we tell. Wrapped up in my migratable artefacts is a sense of home and ownership of place. These artefacts are tactile repositories of the traced and forsaken, a challenge issued to the empirical heteronormative, they hold layers of place, time, and self.
The techniques I use were once gained through familial teaching and local guilds, both now disenfranchised through societal changes to urban individualism. I play with ideas relating to nature’s reciprocity, its recurring iterations echoing my own bodily interactions.
My material choices, including flora, fibre, and folk knowledge provide an imbued provenance within my work. Copper is significant within my work representing conduction, transformation, and protection.
Exploring connections between self and place, individual and collective, through working with textiles the thread becomes both bridge and barrier.

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