A short-haired person sitting on a chair on a field of grass in the hills. Their right arm is extended and they are looking at their right hand slightly suspiciously.

Hanna Lappalainen

Hanna Lappalainen is a performer and screendance maker based in Edinburgh. With a background both in dance and film, their screendance practice is led by the dialogue between the two art forms. Over the years they’ve worked both behind and in front of the camera, taught screendance workshops, and their work has been screened at film festivals internationally.

Most recently focusing on participatory art practice, they’re looking to bring the medium into working with communities. Lappalainen’s most recent film Four Pieces on Being Seen is a community dance film where participants use words and movement to articulate their experiences on their queer identity and how they would like to be seen. The film was developed with community participants found through an open call in the spring of 2022 and is currently touring festivals.

Lappalainen often works with themes of identity, language and the performer-audience relationship. Neurospicy, chronically achy and working-class to boot, their work cannot help but be informed by the confluence of various marginalised experiences. They still attempt to make it at least a little bit funny.

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