Textured Lithography print, curved dark red lines

Hannah Hawkes

My practice revolves around object-oriented ontology, where I explore the relationships between objects and their inherent materiality. Through the medium of printmaking, I investigate the ontology of everyday objects and the ways in which they shape our perception and understanding of the world. Printmaking allows me to engage with the physicality of objects, capturing their textures, forms, and qualities in intricate detail. By focusing on these material aspects, I aim to evoke a sense of presence and tangibility, encouraging viewers to contemplate the essence of objects beyond their utilitarian function. Employing a combination of traditional and experimental printmaking techniques, pushing the boundaries of the medium to convey the unique qualities of each object. Through the layering of images, textures, and colors, I create visual narratives that explore the interplay between objects and their environments. By emphasizing the materiality of objects, I seek to challenge anthropocentric perspectives and foster a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things. I invite viewers to reevaluate their relationship with the objects that surround them, to contemplate the hidden narratives and significance embedded within the seemingly mundane.

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