A thin, white, papier-mâché half-dome is suspended from the ceiling. On the inside of the dome there are detailed doodles which light shines through. There are red drapes against white walls in the background.

Iona Zawinski

I am a multimedia artist of Celtic/Polish heritage. I work across sonic, literary, and visual disciplines. I am half of the band, Pocket Monica (We won Best Newcomer at the 2022 Scottish Alternative Music Awards). I write poetry, songs, and am involved in developing a feminist rap-musical (rapsical?) as both writer and performer. I have also begun dabbling in visual art recently – including creating a sculpture for Muth Guth’s Synaesthesia exhibition at Summerhall. I had such a wonderful time working with the neurodivergent artists involved in that exhibition that I have been inspired to seek out more creative neurospicy opportunities.

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