4 photos set in a square. Overall feel is low key with shades of brown, gray, black and pale brown. Occaisional flashes of yellow, blue and green. 1. Distorted image of a cat sitting behind a frosted glass window. 2. Shadows and light falling on a wall papered with 1980's style embossed wallpaper in shades of light and dark brown. 3.Flashes of light from sequins, looking like a shoal of fish swimming at speed. 4. Dead moth lying on its back on a shed windowsill. Lots of pale papery textures.

Jeni Reid

Visual artist working with photography, print,textiles and words. Interested in making and wellbeing, creative responses to the stuff life throws at us, material culture and why we treasure the things we do. Inspired by history, charity shops and seagulls.

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