A photo of a video camera display screen with grid lines, pointed at a seated person. The person has shoulder-length purple hair and is looking off to the side. They are wearing a white t-shirt with the text 'Strange', and a yellow cardigan with smiley faces and plaid patterns.

Jess Orense

Hiya, I’m Jess (they/them). I am a non-binary and neuro-spicy Mad storyteller from the Philippines, currently based in Scotland.

I believe in the necessity of uplifting lived experience in my anti-oppressive and inclusive approach across disciplines. My most recent projects include devising, performing, and stage managing with National Queer Theater (US) and New York University’s Theatre and Health Lab.

Through my work, I hope to uplift intersectional experiences of marginalisation, discrimination, and internalised stigma. I am open to collaborations to explore possibilities and foster safe(r) spaces for creativity, affinity, community care, collective advocacy, and liberation.

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