On the left, there is a brightly colored and decorated cardboard box. Black shoes appeared to be coming out underneath the box. On the right, there is the white text 'There are things that feel scary when you are alone'. The image is set in a forest.

Julia Darrouy

Julia is a french multi-disciplinary artist. A performance maker, a writer and illustrator and a crafts person. She works with practical making as a source of inspiration and as the instigator for performance making. She has a playful approach to creativity and is often drawing from practices like clowning, puppetry and physical theatre in her work. This can take the form of stop motion, video art, performance or installation. Julia regularly works with knitting and crocheting and is always seeking to learn and discover new mediums and materials. She is very interested in working collaboratively and with communities, using her crafting as a means to connect.

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