A hand stroking a textured surface lit in deep red. The surface is covered in what appears a furry texture.

Kate Young

I am a musician, composer and recently graduated with Master of Fine Arts in Scenography in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Scenography is a practice which draws upon theatre history, but currently has expanded into more sculptural, site specific work, and is majorly concerned with the creation of environments, experiences to varying degrees of interactivity, immersion and passivity.

My artistic research draws upon my experience as a synaesthetic composer – someone who experiences colours, ‘landscapes’ and form in sound; and in my Scenographic practice I’m working towards creating environments for the public to play and interact with, with the aim of experiencing a little of the magic of what it is like to be a synaesthetic composer. Specifically, I’m researching the materiality of curiosity: what materials can be used in conjunction with sound-triggering technologies.

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