A white wall with a canvas hanging on metal rods suspended from the ceiling The canvas features a painting with a blue background, a pink pig in the background and yellow spider plants.

Katie McGroarty

Katie McGroarty (she/her) is a visual artist, creative programmer and workshop facilitator. With a BA(hons) in Intermedia from the University of Edinburgh, and a an MFA in Arts and Humanities from the University of Dundee, she has over 10 years experience of being a professional artist as well as tutor and Sometimes curator. Her work often concerns gender, class, “scottishness”, and religion or intra-christian sectarianism.

Currently she is a practicing artist, as well as a committee member at Generator Projects; she is also the current Exhibition Coordinator at the Dundee Art Society, in addition to being the basic drawing and life drawing tutor; she is also featured on the Working Class Creatives Database. Her written work is available on Google scholar.

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