A shiny lilac taffeta (a type of fabric) soft shelled sculpture is draped on top of three mossy small rocks sticking out of a heathery patch on the side of Craig Owl Hill. The soft shelled sculpture is in the shape of a large rectangle, roughly 1.5 meters wide x 3 meters long, the fabric is stuffed and sewn into to make it look like a sleeping bag. The way the soft shelled sculpture lies across the rocks makes it look like an abandoned parachute or sleeping bag. The picture is taken during a Scottish winter sun set and the sky glows a deep purple/blue

Kirsten Millar

My work is an enquiry into the Scotland connecting the archaeological and industrial by looking at the varied and forgotten legacies, tales and manipulations of the environment. It deconstructs conventional images of the Scottish landscape, often romanticised as wild, untouched and separate from modernity and human influence, by eroding the binary categorisation of nature and technology.

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