Image shows Lauren Herd smiling and about to laugh, in a red coat and colourful scarf and hat standing against a rainbow rug-like textile background .

Lauren Herd

I’m really interested in how design can be used as a way of connecting us as people; as a tool of personal development and growth. During my 20+ years of public workshops and community projects I have loved using creative arts and design to build confidence. Going through the process of making mistakes, trying again and celebrating successes creates some serious value beyond the finished product. I do love working on screens (filmmaking and digital arts) but often I facilitate accessible fun workshops as a freelancer in venues across Scotland with a particular interest in the power of the creativity for personal development and healing. I have a varied set of interests and ideologies that influence my work including mental health and neurodivergence, psychology and art psychotherapy, matrescence and sociology, early years development and play work, recycling and sustainability, community and inclusivity, feminism and fat liberation, ecology and outdoor learning, storytelling and reflective practice … I also love a chat, so drop me a message!

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