A photo of what might be a huge craggy rock in a landcape, or alternatively a close-up of a grain of rock or sand, in greys and pale pink.

Lorraine Hamilton

Lorraine Hamilton has been working with Sculpture, collaborative performance, and installation since graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2011. The intricacies of connection have been a foundation on which all her works have been based; the contradiction between the difficulty of expressing deep emotion and the fundamental need to share. Materials are often the bridge to articulate these opposing desires. Materials such as powders, jelly, sugar, plaster and cloth which can be fragile and absorb interactions with them.

The objects and experiences she creates invite you to touch and interact with them, but also encourage you to reflect on the decision to do so as your actions can leave an impression on both the viewer and the objects. This is a reflection of how we all shape one another and our environments. By utilising this experience Lorraine hopes to offer not only something more personal for each viewer, but also to reveal the phenomenology and excitement of material and the connections we make.

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