This is a picture of Lyall Tighe smiling at the camera surrounded by trees. They are a white non-binary person with short brown hair and green eyes. They are wearing silver hoop earrings, a long dark green coat, a black floral shirt, a white t-shirt, and a green bag.

Lyall Tighe

Lyall Tighe (they/them) is a disabled activist based in Glasgow. They have just finished working as a Social Media Assistant for the Scottish Queer International Film Festival where they worked on creating social media content to promote the festival across different platforms. Before this they have worked in several roles tackling ableism and promoting disability inclusion, such as creating and facilitating workshops at Amnesty International’s European Youth Meeting. They enjoy research and writing in all forms, especially when this is used to tackle inequality and social issues. They are looking to move further into the arts and culture field and to take on new and exciting creative opportunities.

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