PLAY_ZONE (2018) An interactive glass installation that can played like an instrument. The colours on a round console are assigned to the colours in the 9 sourronding modular lamps as well as a specific (digitally generated) sounds. It requires audience participation.

Marzena Ostromecka

I have graduated with MFA in Glass but I don’t have an established practice strictly attached to the material. What I do have is a vision and passion that goes beyond the materiality and specific area of expertise.
My practice is deeply rooted in my values. I believe in communicating my ideas through the universally playful approach to creativity. I value quirky sense of humour, good fun, human connection, diversity, sustainability and learning.
I aspire for my creative practice to be playful and interactive. What is really important for me as an artist is how my work is perceived and interacted with. The key elements of my work are: inclusive audience participation, multi-sensory element and joy from the experience. By tapping into child-like curiosity and sense of fun I believe in communicating ideas on a universal level and connecting with people from all walks of life. My installations have to be visually attractive, captivating and engaging. I love the medium of glass but I also work with mixed media and electronics in order to add additional sensory stimuli (lights/ colours/ sounds/ movement) and increase the interactive aspect.

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