Beginning of a short story, Moma, Don't Take My Kodachrome Away), published in Southlight 33, Spring 2023

Michael Hutchinson

Michael Hutchinson is a late (very) self-diagnosed neuro-divergent writer and visual artist. He sees his work as re-presentations of whatever has come along and caught at that time. Often, it’s only after creating something – sometimes several things – that a pattern emerges. His short stories are frequently about people who don’t know how to fit into society, or are not fully human. The stories are mostly humorous (odd through weird to disturbing), although he never sets out to write with those intentions. Michael’s visual work is currently about our understanding of self and how that relates to memory, both one’s own and that of others.
Michael studied Fine Art at Sunderland, graduating in 1979. He also took the MA Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam University, finishing in 2007 without, alas, finally completing the course.

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