Image shows a collection of tapestry weavings, 6 in total, in a collage like format. The works depict scenes of fires through shilouetted boundaries, such as windows and keyholes. As well as scenes of digital storms and fire, with small figures in silhouette featured falling throughout.

Molly Kent

Molly Kent is a textile artist who represents mental and physical health notions through mediums such as rug tufting and weaving. They portray contemporary existence regarding social media and internet living and how this affects our perception of self. This stems from their personal experiences of their mental health condition CPTSD but also reflects on broader anxieties and fears that have come to their attention due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the beginning of 2021, after experiencing an episode of ill mental health, Kent’s work shifted towards a new project, Dream Weaving. Dream Weaving is a multi-award-winning body of work that records dreams and nightmares experienced by the artist as a result of their mental health conditions. This series of works features recurrent themes of falling, extreme weather and digital anxieties and offers a critical insight into how dream psychology can tell a lot about the inner workings of a person. The work is inspired by symbolism, mysticism, myths and legends alongside personal symbols of the trauma Kent’ suffered that led to their diagnosis. Dream Weaving is also a play on words, referencing the Adobe software Dreamweaver, as snippets of digital experience by including motifs such as emojis, computer windows, mouse pointers etc. also often appear in their work. These digital aspects reference the pivotal change within their work, as COVID lockdowns came into force and our lives were suddenly and abruptly moved into an almost constant cyberspace, Kent found that their increased time online was having a negative effect on their well-being and developed a new host of anxieties.

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