Outside underneath pine trees and upturned roots, one sound artist is in the background wearing a long costume made of hundreds of long strands of white and brown fibres, mimicking the gills and mycelium threads of mushrooms. She is using a microphone and various objects to create sounds which respond to the movements of the Butoh dancer who is bent over, downstage of her, wearing puffy shorts made of the same material.


Nomoss are a collective of three artists: Suzi Cunningham, Lucie Yavruturk and Ruairidh Morrison. They seek to uncover the dark and incredible stories of the fungal connections of their surrounding homeland of Scotland.
Through Butoh dance, sound, costume & installation, they strive to inspire people to learn about the important and mystical role that fungi play within our natural world and bring attention to the unnoticed connections to the vital role of minute life.

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